I don’t have a favorite color, can you tell? Why pick just one when you can have so many! Even before cardboarding (that’s right, it’s a verb) came into my life I’ve always looked at bright bold colors as a reminder to be hopeful and have joy. 

There was hope that some guy would pick me from the sea and call me his own…

Hope that that colicy baby would finally figure out that life isn't all that bad...

In the hard times there is hope, just look around, there is so much to be thankful for!

Most importantly, colors consistently remind me of the God that I serve and His Son Jesus who left heaven (where I’m sure the colors are beyond rocking) to set an example for me to follow & then died for all the awful things that I do. 

Cardboard is my vehicle for those colors, for that hope & joy that needs to be shared. I can’t even put into words how much working on my designs at night refuels me for my daytime job as chief pb&j maker (cut into two squares & two triangles per the preschooler’s request), toilet bowl scrubber, referee, and “what do you think you’re doing!!!” disher-outer. 

Running Cardboard Sheek these past six years has taken that newly married, 6 month pregnant girl walking the field at college graduation and given me the GREATEST ADVENTURE from my little corner of the living room. 

I’ve found hope. I’ve found joy. I’ve sliced my finger cutting letters & spilled paint on the floor. I am thankful.