About my Cardboard Designs:

All of my work is made exclusively by hand! That's right, no machines are used (except for help from my wonderful Mom, who has become quite skilled with a box cutter).

Hand cut. Hand painted. Hand packaged.

Cardboard Sheek is run exclusively by me in addition to the help I often receive from family members & wonderful friends. For this reason, I am not able to offer all of my designs at one time. If you see something that you are hoping to purchase though

please message me! I often make more of something when I get special requests.

I use 100% post consumer recycled cardboard. All boxes are purchased so there is no dumpster diving involved. (Because you never know where a cardboard box has been...)


Digital Backdrops:

I am pleased to now be offering Digital Backdrops of my work! Candice Berman Photography & I have collaborated together to create these special images for you all. 

They come in a JPG high resolution file which you can purchase and then download immediately. You must have knowledge of how to use Photo Shop and work with composites. I am unable to provide training in how to use them.

No refunds will be given for digital files

For personal and professional use only. The files may not be resold.


Special Events & In Print:

Cardboard Sheek is always looking to showcase some cardboarding love whether you're looking for unique wedding backdrop, store front design, or photography workshop. I offer onsite packages for events local to Orange County, CA. Feel free to contact me for a quote.


Custom Work:

I am NOT able to take on custom work or special orders for individual designs.