Balloon SNAPS - a Cardboard Sheek ORIGINAL design

Balloon SNAPS - a Cardboard Sheek ORIGINAL design


These magnetic Balloon SNAPS are a Cardboard Sheek ORIGINAL! Perfect for photographers to use in studio sessions. Say goodbye to balloon frustration. These Balloon SNAPS can be used again and again, just add new balloons!

What’s a SNAP?

Have you ever wanted to add something to your fabric or paper backdrop but don’t want to risk harming it with tape or messing with fishing line? Introducing…. the Cardboard Sheek SNAPS! These magnetic clips make it possible to quickly hang banners, tissue poms, paper flowers, etc. without harming your backdrop! Simply sandwich your backdrop in between the pieces of the SNAP. The SNAPS are available for purchase here >>

The Balloon SNAPS

I’ve taken the blocks from my Balloon Banner Kit and added my magnetic SNAPS to them. Now you can add balloons ANYWHERE to your paper/fabric backdrop!

Here’s how it works:
- Blow up 28 balloons of your choice. Use different sizes for for a neat effect!

-Insert the balloons tied end into the holes on the banner. (Each circle block block on the banner has 4 holes in it.)

-Using the magnets, SNAP the blocks onto your fabric or paper backdrop. The balloon blocks should be on the front of your backdrop and the “Cardboard Sheek” logo on the back with your backdrop sandwiched in between.

-Using the magnets, SNAP the blocks onto your fabric or paper backdrop

-Scoot the circle blocks closer together so that the balloons are bunched without spaces between.

-With a bit of tape you can insert greenery, flowers, tinsel... or whatever you please in between the balloons.

Ready to Ship!

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Image: Sue Ganz Photography, Holly Heine Photography, Lisa Shields Photography,

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