SNAPS- a Cardboard Sheek Original Design

SNAPS- a Cardboard Sheek Original Design


What’s a SNAP?

Have you ever wanted to add something to your fabric or paper backdrop but don’t want to harm your backdrop with tape or mess with fishing line? Introducing…. the Cardboard Sheek SNAPS! These magnetic clips make it possible to quickly hang banners, tissue poms, paper flowers, etc. without harming your backdrop! Simply peel the adhesive layer off of the SNAPS attaching it to your tissue pom, and then sandwich your backdrop in between the pieces of the SNAPS.


Each package of SNAPS comes with FOUR magnetic SNAPS & TWO clothes pins. The clothespins are included for easy hanging of banners. Simply peel of the adhesive on the SNAP and attach the clothes pin. Wa-la!

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Images: Stevie Cruz Photography & Sue Ganz Photography

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