Balloon Banner Kit - a Cardboard Sheek Original Design

Balloon Banner Kit - a Cardboard Sheek Original Design


This balloon banner is a Cardboard Sheek ORIGINAL! Perfect for photographers as well as a backdrop at parties. Say goodbye to balloon frustration. The banner can be used again and again, just add new balloons!

How TO:
- Blow up 28 balloons of your choice. Blow up some bigger than others for a neat effect!
-Insert the balloons tied end into the holes on the banner. (Each circle block block on the banner has 4 holes in it.)
-Hang your balloon banner and slide the circle blocks to get the effect that you are looking for.
-With a bit of tape you can insert greenery, flowers, tinsel... or whatever you please in between the balloons.

-Twine or Clear string (Perfect for floating balloon backdrops!)

- Ready to Ship!

Feel free to send me a message!

This listing does not include the "Happy Birthday" banner but check out my shop for lots of birthday banner options!

Images: Coffee Creek Photography, Jillian Renee Photography, and Candice Berman Photography

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